Monday, December 27, 2010


Wow!! It's been a long time since I last log in. Anyhow just catch on a new bug.. BabyWearing.. its more of a need rather than a luxury sort of bug... absolutely need this since I need to ferry around the kids as well as still needing to carry around the tiny one.. plus also needing to do house chores and sorts. anyhow, BabyWearing Gears are all sorts.. Sling, Pouches, Wraps, Mei Tei, Soft Structured Carriers. Lets cut to the chase.. I'm letting this particular SSC go since I found another SSC that suited me better.

Here are the specs
Bronze Butterflies body Panel with Cranberry Straps
Triple padded top straps, foam core bottom strap
Recommended to use with 15lb to 45lb children
To accommodate wearer of Women size 0 to 22 and men size S to XXL
Selling Price : RM450 including shipped throughout Malaysia

For further info on this SSC log on here

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