Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MyLuvly Cloth Pad

* These pads have a certificate of non-flourescent and non-bleaching issued by KIATR (Korean Institute Apparel Testing and Research)
* These pads consist of Super Soft Pure Cotton on top, 2 layers of 100% cotton absorbent material inside and a 100% printed cotton outer.

* Easy to use Wrap Wings around panty gusset and fasten securely.

* Super absorbent. These pads have 2 layers of cotton-material inside.

* Leakproof - Dont't worry the pads also have water proof barrier (PUL) which prevent from leaking same as disposable pads.

* Easy to care- just soak pads in cold water until residues dissappear and leave it with plenty of soap for 2-3 hours and wash it by hand or mashine.

* Long lasting - The pads can last for 3-5 years!

* Pre-wash the pads before using it for the first time.

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